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Mouth guards and contact sports go hand in hand

Footy, rugby, netball etc are all contact sports and whilst you get your children’s kits and boots and headgear ready, remember to take the time to think about protection for their teeth. It is so important that team members wear a professionally made mouth guard to protect from possible injury. Most people are aware that inferior and somewhat cheaper “do it yourself” mouth guards are available to buy at sports shops and pharmacies but beware, when making one of these for yourself or your child you are also taking a risk of damaging your mouth without even having an accident as the mouth guards that are made by the dentist and a laboratory have been made through taking exact impressions of your teeth and the shape of your mouth. With the “do it yourself” ones you basically have one shot at molding it around your teeth.

   “But they are so expensive

This is another thing I hear and I have to disagree as having a mouth guard made professionally is much cheaper than having a full mouth reconstruction done because one wasn't worn!!!!

  “his teeth are moving and changing all the time.. It’s not worth it

Again this is another common misconception. Yes the growing mouth of a young person does change all the time but the dentist and laboratory take this into account and always allow for certain changes that they know will happen. This comes with knowledge and experience of being in the dental industry.

Another reason why professional mouth guards get over looked is that they get lost easily. With this in mind it is now possible to have the child’s name embedded into the guard before the material is set. Also they come in a case with the child’s name on.

Ian, the Mosman dentist. Dentist Mosman.


Thinking About Dental Treatment Overseas....?

We all look for and love a bargain in our everyday lives and try to "save" money in everything we do but sometimes the "cheap" option is the worst option and potentially dangerous...

Trying to save money by having dental work done overseas can ultimately come at a very high cost in the long run. The idea of going on a holiday and having the dental treatment you have been wanting to get done here but felt it was not affordable seems like a win win situation all round... This however involves lots of risks. There are reasons why dental treatment is so much cheaper in the developing world...

Infection control - In Australia we pride our selves on our vigorous monitoring and compliance of infection control in the dental surgery..... These protocols are not mandatory in the developing world.

Materials - In general, having dental work done overseas will probably involve having crowns, bridges or implants. In Australia strict guidelines of what materials are used to make dental prosthetics must be adhered to and are monitored by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) this is to ensure the quality of the product is suitable for the public. Overseas these guidelines are not enforced so it is impossible to monitor what materials are being used and if they are safe and suitable. 

For example, what if the crown you had placed overseas has a fault or needs repairing.. What will you do? Who will repair it and who will cover the cost of the repair? Who will you complain to?

Emergency - What happens if something went wrong during the dental procedure you were having and you needed to have emergency care? How would you cope? Would you be able to communicate with the caregiver in your own language? Would you have family or friends for support?

Having major dental treatment is a life changing experience and one not to be taken lightly. Cost is a big part but health and well being too. Saving money in the short term having treatment overseas by a dentist you have never met or heard of before may seem attractive because of price.. But long term could be detrimental to your teeth, health and.... your bank balance!

Ian, the Mosman dentist. Dentist Mosman.


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