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Fluoride is a mineral which is found in food, water, plants and toothpaste. The fluoride in toothpaste prevents decay in teeth and helps harden the enamel of a tooth.

Fluoride in toothpaste is extremely helpful because it:

Limits tooth decay in adults and children
Repairs weak spots that become holes in the teeth
Reduces money spent on expensive dental treatments
Reduces discomfort and pain caused by decay

Fluoride varnish can be applied to children’s teeth professionally by their dentist and is usually recommended twice per year. This varnish contains highly concentrated fluoride and reduces teeth from suffering decay, requiring fillings and it can re-mineralise tooth surfaces. Adults can also have the varnish applied by their dentist if they are at a higher risk of decay.

Fluoride provides extraordinary benefits to teeth and getting the right amount can protect the teeth of children and adults for years to come.

Ian, the Mosman dentist. Dentist Mosman.


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